Why I’ll probably switch to an iPad

Rumors of a second generation iPad reached in those days an unprecendent level. Everyone is trying to guess what will come. Neither the announce by Apple of the conference on the 2nd of march stopped them.
I mean, relax! In a few days we are going to discover Apple’s plans for the future!! But this is not the point. The point is that I’m 90% sure that I’ll switch to an iPad. There are a few good reason for that and I’ll try to explain them as best as I can.

My first approach with the touch world has been through a second generation iPod touch, but I immediately sold it to buy an iPhone 3G. My daily routine has changed from that day. The first thing in the morning now is to check the email, have a look at twitter and a quick snap at facebook. A year after I upgrade my handset to an iPhone 4 and I have to admit that has been a dramatic change. More power, more speed, more opportunity to be really productive. Every task was dramatically improved, since the day Apple unveiled the iPad.
That device opened up an all new space inside the mobile computing. A big 10″ display, a great way to enjoy your media, while remaining very compact and easy to carry around. I just saw great potential in that device, a perfect mix both for productivity and relax. Anyway, I’ve resisted to the first generation. As you know, for a gadget of that kind, the first generation is always afflicted by some limitations that create a good but not perfect experience for the user, both in term of hardware and software. Two days ago Apple has announced that on the 2nd of march there will be an announcement about the iPad world, as you can easy deduct from the press invitation. They will very likely introduce the next generation of the device, and I think it will be a good step forward that will bring me into the tunnel.
A new design, thinner and lighter, more power inside. A perfect mix for my need. I think that the iPad will really become a laptop for many users around the world. Easy to carry around to perform the majority of tasks an average user need to do. I hope also that Apple will preview it’s iOS 5, maybe with a differentiation between the iPad and the iPhone version, in order to really take the best from this tablet.
If all this things will happen next week, I’ll be ready to say goodbye to the iPhone and say welcome to the iPad.
It will be hard to go back to my pre-iPhone mobile, but it will also be fun to discover the real power of the new iPad. Looking forward to next wednesday!!


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